Question: What is the KeySheets™ guitar playing system?

Answer: KeySheets™ is a system to help you play up and down the fret board of your guitar in any key PROFESSIONALLY!!

Example: Start a solo or lead piece at the third fret, then move that same pattern (with variations) to the 6th fret then the 8th fret, 11th fret and up the 13th fret and 15th frets.

Question: Is the system difficult to use and understand?

Answer: No, since playing lead or solo is playing in a way to add "Flavor to the music", you can start with any one of the five KeySheets™ and on any note within the outline of the KeySheets™ and flavor the music to your particular taste.

Check this out!!!!!

Find a song on a cassette or CD that is in the key of C. Select either the Option A or Option B KeySheets™ at the top of this ad, and play the notes that make up the outline of the KeySheets™. After about 5 minutes, you will see how well you will have flavored the music and even improved upon the way the studio guitarist played certain licks. Excellent when used with play-along tapes, karaoke tapes, or electronic back-ups (such as Sequencers, Rhythem programmers, Drum machines, session trainers and etc.)

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